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Work with a retirement coach and create your best retirement ever!

Does thinking about your future retirement leave you feeling anxious or worried?
Do discussions about retirement create tension between you and your spouse??
Do you know that something is next for you after retirement, but feel unsure about what that something is?
Are you feeling lost or without purpose since you retired?? 

Working with a retirement–or pre-retirement coach–can help you gain clarity around these and many other questions that the prospect of retirement so often brings up!

Although playing golf or drinking pina coladas on the beach every day may sound great in pre-retirement, for most of us that life will quickly lose its lustre. Think about it – how many days in a row could you really live on a pina colada diet? Today people are retiring earlier than ever before.  We are also living longer, so making good decisions about how you will spend your post-retirement years is of critical importance.

My role as your pre-retirement coach is to help you find and follow your ideal path to a post-retirement life of happiness, joy, and fulfillment. Author Jean Shinoda Bolen has called this the “path with heart.” This is the path that truly fulfills us – that brings together all of the parts of who we are: our professional needs, our home and family, and our personal interests and passions. Whether your retirement path involves pursuing a second career, spending time on hobbies or new learning endeavors, or simply spending time with family and friends, as a retirement coach I will partner with you to help you find that path that’s right for you!

quotation-marksDonna was an absolute delight as a coach! Not only was she very knowledgeable, but she was a great listener. She always captures the essence of your struggle and worked with you to help you to implement systems that work for you. Each week Donna and I had targeted goals that we worked on and if things did not go according to plan we just made modifications and kept on moving. One thing is for sure we always had a plan to keep us on track and that helped me to be successful!

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quotation-marksI am so grateful for all Donna has done for me. At first I was not sure how a complete stranger would be able to help me, but after the first contact, it was an instant connection with the kindness and warmth in her voice. Over a year of working with her, she has become a friend, a consultant and a companion along this crazy time in my life – when I juggled between being a mother of two young children and a doctoral candidate finishing a dissertation. The last year was particularly challenging when my husband had to commute to work 580 miles away and my dissertation committee members occasionally had diverging directions on the course of my dissertation. During this demanding time, it was so comforting and helpful to have someone who was always positive, and dependably equipped with great coaching skills and wisdom. I always liked when she questioned my strategy, and guided me towards more realistic and effective step-by-step plans. Life is always packed with more demands. I am sure I will occasionally ask myself “What would Donna say?” In a way, she has taught me a real-time application of many wonderful life tools. It takes practice to make good plans. It even takes more practice to remain positive. Thank you for being there for me Donna.

quotation-marksI contacted Donna during a time in my life when I was feeling particularly vulnerable. I had just followed my husband across the country for his job. I was in a new city, far away from my university and my advisors. Donna was honest and kind while helping me stay focussed on making progress toward my goal. Donna kept me on task during our phone calls by having me talk about my immediate concerns and my next steps toward addressing those concerns and making progress. Donna was a steady presence who helped me break things down into manageable chunks and explore new ways of keeping myself on task.