Meet Donna Goodin, Retirement Coach


I came to retirement coaching in 2006, when I began coaching for an outplacement firm whereI coached individuals who were taking early retirement due to corporate cost-cutting measures. Though at that time, awareness of my own retirement had barely peaeked above the surface, that would change within just a few short years.

My Retirement—or Pre-retirement–Story

Several years ago, my husband and I relocated to a small university town where most of his family lived. We would be living among his family, and my family was in a major city about two hours away. This was the opportunity we had waited for for years, and we were ecstatic!  This was our last move. We were going home!

We had it all planned. We bought our dream house. We would work till we retired, and then live out our retirement years happily in the bosom of our family and friends.

Unfortunately, our dream quickly unraveled.  The state to which we had moved had long been plagued by financial difficulties, and shortly after we moved there, plunged even further into fiscal crisis. Because my husband worked in higher education, the state’s financial problems impacted us severely, eventually making it untenable for us to stay.

So, much to our disappointment, at the ages of 54 and 60, we found ourselves picking up stakes and moving again to a new city where we knew no one. And with that move, all of our previous plans and beliefs about our retirement were up in the air, in a way they had never been before. We found ourselves back at the drawing board, building a new plan for this next stage in our lives. 

Where would we live?
What would our work lives look like?
Would we try and re-settle in a place we’d lived before, or strike out for some place new?

After the thriving social and family life we had been enjoying, it was clear to both of us that somehow community would also have to be a part of our new plan. But how would we achieve that?

This experience brought retirement, with all its challenges and opportunities home to me in a new way. Retirement went from being something about which I coached others, to being something that I now understood on a very personal level.

So whether you have a clear vision for your retirement, or whether that is something you are still trying to define, I want to work with you to help you build a full life that will be rewarding and meaningful. Together we’ll explore your dreams, your wants, and your needs.  We’ll talk about the impact that retirement can have not only on you, but on your relationships. And we’ll put together a plan that will revitalize and excite you, and help you design a path for this next part of your journey that speaks to both your heart and mind, and brings to bear the many skills and talents you have to share.

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