Are you getting ready to move abroad?  Or maybe you’re returning to the U.S. after having lived abroad?  Either way, as your coach, I’m here to support you in your transition.


Living abroad is such a wonderful experience!  It gives us a truly unique perspective both on the world at large, and on our own country of origin.  And the friendships that you make with others in the expat community are unlike any friendships you had back in your native country.  As an expat, you reap the reward of that rich lifestyle, but also must face the challenges, both when moving to a new country and when returning home again.

I understand the difficulties, both internal and external, that you face.  If you are relocating to a new country, you may be dealing with language barriers for the first time in your life.  And you will certainly be faced with the challenge of learning new cultural norms.  Depending on the country to which you are relocating, you may experience a change in legal status, suddenly finding yourself the ward or dependent of your partner.  You may experience initial loneliness as you struggle to settle children into the new environment.  And of course, such major changes can put a strain on even the best marriage.

Some of the issues that we can work on together include:

  • Preparing to expatriate
  • Preparing to re-patriate
  • Anxiety regarding your life in your new location
  • Feelings of disorientation and loneliness
  • Finding the social support you need in your new environment

I would love to hear from you and support you in your needs as an expat.  Please call me at 618-319-4998, or email me at