Decisions, Decisions! A retirement coach can support you throughout the planning process. 

A good retirement plan involves many different decisions.  Some common questions that arise are:

  • Where will I live? Will you live in your current city or hometown among long-time friends and family, or will you strike out on a new adventure?
  • Should I work?  If so, part-time or full-time? Doing what? Paid or volunteer?
  • What hobbies might I like to take up or pursue?  Do you have a long-cherished dream to write, paint, or learn a new language?
  • How will I build an social life? This is especially true if you plan to move to a new location, or if your social life revolved around your or your partner’s work.
  • How much do I want to be involved in child or parental care?  It is important to think about this on the front end.  Otherwise, you may find that you spend your retirement years as a care-taker or baby-sitter.

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